City M (Camfil)

CITY M is an air purifier equipped with highly efficient HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. Each HEPA filter inside the air purifier is individually scanned according to EN 1822 standard, which provides proof of classified H14 filters. This makes the CITY M air purifier most efficient in reducing harmful particles, odours and in some cases gases that are commonly found in indoor air inside homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, and public buildings.

Air quality recommendation with the air purifier Compared to common products on the market, the amount of the filter media used in the CITY M can be up to 14 times higher than other air purifiers. This results in a longer filter life and dust retention capacity, without compromising the passage of air. CITY M is equipped with high-efficiency HEPA H14 filters that will remove 99.995% of MPPS (most penetrating particle size) particles from 0.1 to 0.25 microns. Clean air – free of harmful particles and pollutants – is dispersed in all directions, at 360 degrees.

  • Dimension (WxHxD): 340x720x345 mm
  • Colour: White or Black
  • Weight: 15 kg (including filters)
  • Power supply: 200..240V
  • Average air purification area: 75m2

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