City Touch (Camfil)

The Camfil City Touch is a professional air purifier from the world's leading air filter manufacturer. With its twin Hospital Grade Hepa filters and molecular VOC filters it provides unrivalled air purification in large rooms up to 60m². Suitable for all types of indoor environments, for example hospitals, dental surgeries, hotels, offices, homes, schools, public environments and where high quality medical grade air purification is required.

Power Supply: AC 220V/50HZ
Filter: Pre Filter, Molecular Filter, EPA Filter
Particle Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 500m3/h
Particle Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM): P4≥12,000mg
Cleaning Energy Efficiency: High efficiency class (GB 18801.2015)
Effective room size: 60m2
Sensor: Particle + VOC
Model: Quick,Sleep,Mode
Remote Control

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