Direct Fired

Direct Fired portable heaters are designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat.  Our range of heaters can meet all requirements of industrial and commercial industries. Some models can be controlled thermostatically so they won’t burn up the cash with unnecessary fuel bills.

Direct-fired heaters produce a flame. A fan behind the flame blows the hot air in the direction needed. The benefit of this type of heat is that it is the most efficient form. There's nothing between the flame and the area being heated - such as ductwork - so all the heat can be directed where needed.

Several Sizes available, from 19 – 40 kW LPG Heaters

Robust, lightweight, portable, compact design, efficient combustion, odorless, no fumes, Variable heat output, Safety shutdown on gas/flame/fan failure and overheat

  • liAll units feature the direct spark ignition system
  • liThe ultimate in portability – these units are easy to move and install.
  • liAir flow safety devices
  • liFully enclosed electronics
  • Fully enclosed, powerful fan

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