LPG Radiant Cabinet 6.4 kW Heater


Specifically designed for, factory, showroom or commercial environment, the portable units are excellent for warming small areas, staff and movable work stations.

Radiant LPG heaters are clean burning and very efficient. Suitable for areas where heating large quantities of cold air is uneconomical due to high rooflines, poor insulation or high levels of ventilation. 

6.4 kW – Can be used to heat in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

They are manufactured from high quality materials that result in a robust well finished construction. Each heater is fitted to a cabinet base with wheels to provide optimal heating with a neat appearance. All units have Piezo ignition, a flame failure device.


  • Stainless Steel Burner Mixing Chamber and Reflector
  • Steel Mobile Stand Complete with Rubber Wheels
  • Permanent Safety Chain Holds Gas Cylinder in Position
  • Designed to incorporate a 12 or 9 kg LPG bottle.

Safety Features

  • Inbuilt safety tilt switch that will disconnect the gas supply to the unit in the event that Heater should be knocked over accidentally.
  • "flame failure" protection as standard. In the event that the gas flame is blown out or extinguished, the gas supply is automatically disconnected.
  • QCC valve connector for use with 9kg, 14kg and 12kg LPG Bottles

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