The Inthermo mobile radiant heater brings the benefits of radiant heating to virtually any application needing portable or temporary heating.

Infra-red radiant heating (26kW input) , generated by an indirect fired and completely enclosed burner. The product is therefore both powerful in operation and safe to use. 100% Thermal efficiency , Dual voltage 115/230V, Supplemented with convection fan, Compliant with all relevant safety standards, Low emissions, Approximately 25 hours of full fire from 45kg LPG

Potential Applications In

  • Warehouses, Workshops
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Commercial Greenhouses
  • Marquees
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Agricultural Shows

Height -1400 mm
Length – 15000 mm
Width – 400 mm

Heat input (gross) 26kW
Gas type Propane G31
Category I 3p (37)
Supply pressure 37mbar
Injector size 2.6mm
Max inlet pressure 45mbar
Electrical supply 240V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz
Electrical input 65W
External fuse 3A or 6A
Weight 180kg

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